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Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit

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  • Classroom Kit with 18 small Ozobot Bit robots
  • Recommended for children from 6 to 10 years old
  • Visual coding with optical sensors and OzoCodes
  • Block programming with OzoBlockly
  • Hands-on learning for educators to teach coding, STEM, art, history

The Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit comes with 18 Bits and everything else you need to introduce Ozobot to your students. It is recommended for grades K through 8. This kit is an affordable and portable way for educators to teach coding, STEM, art, history, and other subjects way beyond STEM.

Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit- Click to Enlarge

Ozobot is a small smart robot that is programmable with drawn lines, color codes and through our easy-to-use OzoBlockly editor in which you can create autonomous behavior and complex programs. Your students will learn robotics and programming with a hands-on approach. Ozobot makes STEM/STEAM engaging and seamlessly supports lessons ranging from math and science to art and literature.

Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit- Click to Enlarge

Elementary students can start programming Ozobot with OzoCode color codes on a tablet with a free app, or with markers and paper. After that, students advance by coding programs for Ozobot on a computer or tablet with OzoBlockly, our block-based coding editor.



  • 18 x Ozobot Bits
  • 18 x Clear DIY skin
  • 3 x Multi-port charger
  • 18 x Set of color code markers
  • 18 x Ozocode sheet
  • 1x Teacher’s guide
  • 1x Tools and curriculum
  • 1x Ozobot tip sheet
  • 1x Ozoblocky get started sheet
  • 1x Long sheet
  • 1x Bowling Challenge with Bowling Pins
  • 18x Certificate
  • 1x Ozobot Poster 15”x36”
  • 1x Ozobots storage box
  • 1x Classroom kit storage bin
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