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MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Kit w/ Electronics

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  • Ten building forms for different application
  • Includes the MakeBlock MegaPi Microcontroller
  • Wirelessly control your robots with smart devices through Bluetooth
  • Made of anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot
  • Great for learning robotics, electronics, graphical programming, Arduino programming and Python programming
  • Ages: 12+

The MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Kit w/ Electronics is a flagship robot kit based on Makeblock platform with rich features and strong compatibility. Whether you are an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi or Arduino, a mechanical or electronics engineer, a teacher, or a student, it helps you learn about mechanical structures, electronic modules and programming skill with ease.

MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Kit w/ Electronics

Robotic Arm Tank
This Robot Arm Tank consists of a highly-adaptable track chassis and a flexible robotic arm. This robot is designed to help you grip, lift, and deliver objects in various terrains.

MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Kit w/ Electronics

Robotic Bartender
Robotic Bartender is made up of a mobile chassis, a variable angle support structure and a self-adaptive bracket. It can independently pour wine into a glass (or do other similar action) and deliver the glass to you.

MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Kit w/ Electronics



  • Main Control Chip: ATMEGA2560-16AU
  • Communication: Bluetooth
  • PC Programming: mBlock
  • iPad/Tablet Programming: Makeblock HD 2.0
  • Smartphone App: Under development
  • Power Supply: 6× – AA batteries

Mechanical Parts

  • Aluminum Extrusion Parts
  • Plastic Timing Pulleys 90T
  • Plastic Gears
  • Tracks and Wheels
  • Cables
  • Others Hardware and Accessories

Electronic Modules

  • 1 x MegaPi
  • 1 x MegaPi Shield for RJ25
  • 1 x Bluetooth Module
  • 4 x Motor Driver
  • 3 x Encoder Motor
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1 x Line Follower Sensor
  • 1 x 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor
  • 1 x RJ25 Adapter
  • 1 x Shutter
  • 1 x Makeblock Gripper


  • Graphical Programming
  • Arduino Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Node JS Programming

Extension Ports

  • 4×Encoder Motor Port
  • 10×Servo Interface
  • 1×Wireless Communication Interface
  • 2×High Power Interface
  • 1×Raspberry Pi Serial Interface
  • 4×Sensors Expansion Port

On-Board Sensor

  • 1×Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1×Line Follower
  • 1×Shutter
  • 1×3-Axis Accelerator and Gyro Sensor
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