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Brixo Maker Kit – 127 Pieces Maker’s Kit

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Brixo building blocks bring your designs to life with electronic sensors, motors and connected apps.
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The Brixo Maker Kit is our 127 piece kit and more pieces means more fun and bigger models. You can use this Bluetooth enabled kit with the blocks you already have or start building new designs straight out of the box. Link it to your phone through the Brixo App and the possibilities are endless.

With Bluetooth, a motor, proximity sensor, light blocks and plenty of connectors you can get started on whatever you want to make, a car, a windmill, a helicopter, it’s up to you!

BRIXO safely conducts electricity through its chrome-coated blocks. They can connect to devices such as smartphone to add a modern element of interactive awesomeness.

BRIXO works with 3 types of bricks: Trigger block, connector block and action block :

  1. Connector blocks connect the trigger blocks to the action blocks.
  2. Trigger blocks are equipped of Bluetooth, sound, light and proximity sensors.
  3.  Action blocks will make the magic happen: light up, spin, move and take action.




  1.  1x   Smart Battery Case (+Bluetooth)
  2.  2x   Motor Bricks
  3.  4x   LED Lights
  4. 1x   Light Sensor
  5. 2x   Sound Sensors
  6. 2x   Proximity Sensors
  7. 1x   Logo Magnet Brick
  8. 2x   2×2 Magnet Bricks
  9. 20x 2×1 Blocks
  10. 10x 2×2 Blocks
  11. 16x 1×4 Blocks
  12. 6x   1×4 Plates
  13. 4x   1×3 Bricks
  14. 12x 2×2 Corner Bricks
  15. 2x   8×16 Raised Surface Bricks
  16. 42x Gear Accessories
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